The Pierre-Joseph Redouté Museum (1759-1840), a nonprofit organization founded in Saint-Hubert on June 7, 1984, aims to promote the knowledge and fame of the painter-botanist, born in Saint-Hubert on July 10, 1759, of his family and of artists of his time who have enriched the cultural heritage of the city of Saint-Hubert, the Ardennes and Luxembourg, as well as to preserve their works, their spirit and their memories.

In 1987, the city put at its disposal a building located in the rue Redouté, facing the site of the birthplace of the artist that was destroyed during a bombing at the end of the Second World War.

That building now houses the Pierre-Joseph Redouté Museum, which displays original works of the "Raphael of flowers", personal belongings of the artist, as well as some engravings by his younger brother, Henri-Joseph.

The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions.

2021 - Musée Pierre-Joseph Redouté asbl | Saint-Hubert (Belgique)